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Seeds of Healing


Seeds of Hope

Refugees become Trauma-Healers

Refugees flee horrific Central African violenceand pass through immigration to San Antonio. Central Americans, however are being dangerously trapped in Mexico through U.S. policy
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Families have sacrificed everything for the future of their children, but find themselves desperate and vulnerable, and in need of healing
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At Semillas, we offer safety, rest, and equipping to begin the healing of trauma... These sisters and brothers from hard places will be the future of healing and strength
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Help us fund our Hospitality Houses (easy), sponsor a family (a commitment), or send funds to a family trapped in Mexico  (a big commitment)
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Our Response

A sense of safety is created through gentle and rejuvenating comfort
Short-term healing begins in a communal setting of support, affirmation, prayer, and re-connection
Long-term healing begins with healthy, love-based attachment building
Our Response

Trauma-Responsive Christianity

Trauma is a Trap. Christian rituals and Good News bring liberation.

Trauma comes from either the long-term lack of goodness, or the short-term experience of the very bad (or a combination of both).

Trauma traps us in (or with triggers suddenly snaps us back into) our Stress Responses:

  • Fight

  • Flight

  • Fixation

  • Folding

  • Freezing

The fruits of Trauma are Attachment Disorders, including over-attachment and dis-attachment.

Trauma can also make us more susceptible to Panic Attacks.

Trauma is a "communicable disease." Caretakers can begin to exhibit the signs of trauma, even though they have not suffered through the original cause.

trauma responsive christianity
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